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The story of Buffalo Bill
Buffalo Bill Belgian Chocolate Sticker book
(full of stickers!)

This album holds 100 stickers, which (I think) were given out in individual chocolate bars.

The story is about Buffalo Bill. I don't understand Belgian (and that's what it's written in) but you can get a basic idea, just by looking at the stickers. The album has every sticker (100 of them!) in place, and placed very neatly (see photos below)

In the end, Buffalo Bill wins and scalps the Indian.

Cover says... Album Uitgegeven Door, Chocolade Martougin, Antwerpen

Do you collect Buffalo Bill memorabilia? chocolate ephemera? stuff from Belgium?

Page size 8.25" x 11.25"

Whatever child so carefully filled this sticker book, also *skillfully* pencil-traced around Buffalo Bill outline on the cover. I never noticed it, but my wife saw it. You can probably see it most in the picture below in his hair, where it looks shiny.

After three pages of text, there are spaces for 100 individual stickers each placed over an appropriate box of text. I can't read the language, but I can get the gist of the story by looking at the pictures. There is no date that I could find, on this piece.  Pages look better than the photo shows. There is no water damage. There are no tears and all pages are sound.

Typical cowboy and Indian story... the chief below must be the bad guy. Notice how neatly the stickers have been placed.

Once in a while, words are recognizable to me  - "Will Cody's plan..."

After a fierce struggle, Buffalo Bill Cody wins by taking the scalp of his enemy.

Buffalo Bill Sticker Book - $75

$4.00 insured postage to any US address. Actual costs other.

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